My Work - Opening

I have a show in collaboration with Andrea Nguyen that opens tonight:

Saturday, Jan. 28th, 7 - 10 PM

In the series Disambiguation, artists Andrea Nguyen and Max Marshall construct experiments based on scientific concepts and principles. The work explores a photograph’s ability to display a complex theory. Images are found and curated from Wikipedia’s archive, then re-photographed by the artists. By sourcing imagery from Wikipedia, Disambiguation deals with the dissemination of a scientific principle through a visual representation. Although the original image acts as a starting point, the series of photographs are formed by aesthetic choices while still remaining true to the principle’s parameters.
Red Space Gallery is pleased to present artists Max Marshall and Andrea Nguyen and their collaborative series: Disambiguation, a conceptual photographic collection. The opening reception for this exhibition will take place on Saturday January 28th from 7:00 to 10:00 in the evening. Your presence is cordially requested at Red Space Gallery for this event.